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Pickup & Dropoff Traffic



Loading Zones and Stalls:

We have worked with the city to have additional loading zones designated on Lynn Drive, and have additionally designated all stall adjacent to the kinder wing as loading only.  Please do not leave cars unattended in these zones, and limit your time to 3 minutes or less when using loading zones and stalls.


Parking Lot:

The parking lot has multiple parking stalls as well a loading curb which can accommodate many cars.  Most parent prefer the loading zone, however when it is full it is full.  Traffic cannot come to a standstill at any time in the parking lot.  If you are not in a designated stall or in the parallel loading zone, you are blocking traffic.  Please observe all traffic rules and do not stand in red zones or the only lane of moving traffic.



We are not able to send our students to cars that are double-parked or parked across the street.  Please find a designated space or loading area on the same side of the street as the school is located, or park in the neighborhood and walk to the campus to meet with your child.



We all have moments of heightened stress and this can surface in our interactions if we aren’t mindful of each other’s good intentions and focus on our students’ positive school experiences.  Let’s not let stress get the better of us in such situations!  We ask for mutual courtesy and adherence to all directions given by faculty and staff to ensure smooth operations and flow in our parking lot.  We always want to demonstrate our mutual respect for each other and enjoy a spirit of cooperation in all our dealings.