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Reading and Math Intervention

Supporting our students in meeting grade level standards in the areas of mathematics and English Language Arts is accomplished through our subject-specific, pullout intervention model.  Students are grouped by grade alike cohorts, and are selected for participation based upon multiple data points inclusive of, MAP district assessment results, student study team recommendations, teacher observations and summative assessments in the classroom, CAASPP end of year state assessments, and individual student trends displayed in their application of grade level skills.  

Placements into our intervention support program are data driven.  Students are scheduled into grade level intervention blocks for a period of six weeks.  During this time students are provided with small group instruction on targeted standards either at grade level, or springboard from earlier grade standards to access the grade level content and apply targeted skills. 

Our intervention teachers employ baseline assessments and smaller formative assessment measures throughout the cohort blocks to ensure they understand students present levels of performance and which skills to target for improvement.